👉 Today we decided to talk about one of the most important chapters, which surely interests every technician who wants perfection, namely:
👉 First of all, in order to understand retention, every technician as well as client must know the growth phases of natural eyelashes and the fact that just like the hairs on the scalp and our eyelashes regenerate by going through 3 phases:
👉 1. ANAGEN - in this phase, the eyelashes are short, also called pups. In this stage the actual growth takes place and lasts up to 30-40 days.
👉 2. CATAGEN - this stage represents the transition phase in which the eyelashes stop growing and the hair does not undergo any changes, a stage that can last up to 2-3 weeks.
👉 3. TELOGEN - is the stage in which most eyelashes fall, being also called the resting phase of eyelashes. In this stage the thread loses its root and is replaced by a new one. When the eyelashes will be in this phase, the resistance will be lower, thus losing along with the extension and the natural thread.
So the resistance will never be the same, this being directly influenced by NATURAL EYELASH REGENERATION.
👉 These being known, the retention of extensions can last between 7-60 days, this being influenced both by the work performed by the technician and by other external MECHANICAL, PHYSIOLOGICAL or PATHOLOGICAL factors.
👉 From the technician's point of view, the retention depends primarily on the preparation of the natural eyelashes, namely a correct degreasing as well as the use of special products, after which an extremely important role is played by the correct choice of the thickness and length of the extensions that we are going to apply but and of the corresponding volume so that the natural eyelash is not affected.

👉 After that, a very important factor is the APPLICATION TECHNIQUE, by correctly attaching the extension to the natural eyelash.
👉 Then an extremely important role is undoubtedly played by the ADHESIVES. If the adhesive is chosen correctly, depending on the work speed and implicitly the ideal work parameters, then the good results will not be long in coming.
But about ADEZIV, we will discuss at length in another post which deserved to be dedicated only to him. 🤗
👉 When it comes to EXTERNAL FACTORS, they are no longer related to the technician and strictly depend on proper care from the client and the problems or conditions they suffer from that directly influence the retention and loss of natural lashes.
Having said that, what every technician must understand, as well as every individual client, is the fact that an impeccable RESISTANCE requires an involvement percentage of 50% technician and 50% client, these percentages being definitely influenced by the other factors physiological ones mentioned above.